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Build Twitter Bot with Ruby

Published by Prabin Poudel 11 min read
Did you know? We can also build bot with Ruby. Today we will be building twitter bot that retweets set of hashtags. We will be using twitter gem which uses Twitter API under the hood.

Setup Gatsby with Strapi in M1 Mac

Published by Prabin Poudel 16 min read
Setting up strapi with gatsby is straight forward but not while you are setting it up in mac with M1 chip. M1 chip throws so many errors due to software support issues and I am writing this article to save your day.

[Fix] Missing top level class documentation comment Rubocop

Published by Prabin Poudel 2 min read
There are multiple ways to fix missing top level class documentation comment in Rubocop. You can disable it in your whole app with by disabling cop in the whole project, disable it in one class or just add a comment above the class declaration.

Setup Action Mailbox with Postfix - Part 2

Published by Prabin Poudel 4 min read
This is the second part of a 2 series tutorial to setup action mailbox with postfix. In this part, we will configure postfix in production server to forward incoming emails to our rails app so action mailbox can process it.