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I had a bad experience with freelancing in the past and Prabin completely changed that with his work.

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ReactJSRuby on Rails
Soono is a survey app that lets your customer take the survey of your business to provide feedbacks. It then provides you with reports that can be analyzed further to make improvements based on the reviews.

Trivia Day

React Native
Trivia Day is a competitive trivia game where teams, families, and friends can get together for a few brief rounds of challenging trivia that leads to a ton of fun.


ReactJSRuby on RailsOdoo
Flexonet is a flexible telecommunications company with a focus on individual solutions for business. This project is built to help the company ease the invoicing process by integrating closely with Odoo APIs.

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Featured articles

Search Engine with Rails

Published by Prabin Poudel 14 min read
cover: Search Engine with Rails
Yes! You can create a full functioning search engine with Rails. In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a search engine with Rails by using elasticsearch. You will learn to configure elasticsearch in the rails app, create search view to search and show results and bonus feature of highlighting matched texts like Google does in it's search results.

Books I have read

Published by Prabin Poudel 2 min read
cover: Books I have read
This is a live blog, I will be updating this blog every time I complete reading the book. Books here are divided first by year and then by their type/category. Most of the books are accompanied by related blogs with extractions from my experience.

Build Twitter Bot with Ruby

Published by Prabin Poudel 11 min read
cover: Build Twitter Bot with Ruby
Did you know? We can also build bot with Ruby. Today we will be building twitter bot that retweets set of hashtags. We will be using twitter gem which uses Twitter API under the hood.

Latest Posts

Setup RSpec Tests in Rails with Gitlab CI

Published by Prabin Poudel 14 min read
cover: Setup RSpec Tests in Rails with Gitlab CI
Running tests in CI is a very important step to make sure there are no breaking changes in the new code. Today we will look at configuring Gitlab CI to run RSpec tests for Ruby on Rails applications.

Devise raise validations error when new and old passwords are same

Published by Prabin Poudel 2 min read
cover: Devise raise validations error when new and old passwords are same
Letting users to change their password is a very common feature. In this post we will be exploring the solution for raising validations error when they try to change their password but add the same old password again.

Run Cron Job Manually

Published by Prabin Poudel 6 min read
cover: Run Cron Job Manually
Cron Jobs run at specific time but what if you want to run them manually and immediately? In this blog we will look into a solution using which we can run any of our Cron Jobs manually.

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