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[Fix] Issue while installing ruby with rbenv in M1 Mac

Published by Prabin Poudel 1 min read
When installing Ruby with rbenv in M1 Mac, it throws Build fail error with message 'Inspect or clean up the working tree error ...' Today we will look at how we can resolve the error and install the ruby with rbenv in our M1 Mac.

Remove files or folders from remote git

Published by Prabin Poudel 2 min read
After pushing the code to the remote repository; Did I just push IDE related folder? What about that file containing sensitive information? I have been at the same spot and you can easily remove that file or folder!

Open google play store from react native app

Published by Prabin Poudel 2 min read
User rating for our react native app is very important factor for us to keep maintaining the app and make it a success. Let's learn how we can take our user to google play store from our react native app here.